About Celucasn

“Celucasn” Is a famous Chinese casual clothing brand under the search of the SouYute Group. “Celucasn”with “Fast Fashion of Parity” as brand position,with domestic third and fourth line market as sales focus. At present, nearly 2,000 stores have been developed in various provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. Each year, more than 10,000 fashion items are provided to consumers. “Celucasn”brand for its fashionable style, diverse styles, affordable prices, excellent quality, meticulous service, provide consumers with one-stop consumption platform, is popular with young consumers across the country.

Since the creation of the “Celucasn” brand. Successively hired Chen huiling, Xie Tingfeng, Song Huiqiao, Jike junyi, Korean men's idol group--2PM and Korean super girl idol group--T-ARA etc numerous International film and television pop star as brand spokespersons. At present, brand spokesperson is Asia's hot mix GOT7. The company also USES TV, magazines, outdoor and other traditional media and tencent QQ video, WeChat, weibo, taobao, Tmall, youku, tudou, etc. the online media continued to implement all-round and multi-angle brand promotion activities, and continued to expand the brand influence of “Celucasn”.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the development and change of market personalized, differentiated and anti-popularization, The company launched into the market. it brings 10 fashion clothing sub-brands to market successively, which are PARSOON, FERRLO, MUNKSTAR, BEMEET, M&MERRY, PEACKLY, EARNAL, DASLEBEN, J21, HALELIFE. In the form of a brand shop, Continuously meet all kinds of young consumers. Personalized consumer demand, Achieve the upgrading of the company's brand development. At the same time, the company also implemented store upgrades, Reconstruction Project, Create tasteful at the terminal store, Personal life scene, Delivering a unique brand to consumers, Value and brand emotion, Make consumers enter the store with freshness, Uniqueness and pleasure, Get a good shopping experience. “Celucasn” brand for this new vitality!